Games Meet Metal: Blast Beats and Boss Battles w/ And Hell Followed With's Kyle McIlmurray!!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Blast Beats and Boss Battles w/ And Hell Followed With's Kyle McIlmurray!!

 Well, holy hootenanny, it's an all new column! Interview column, that is. Blast Beats and Boss Battles is where we at GMM find a member of a prominent metal band that just happens to also be a gamer, and we grill 'em on his or her nerdiness. For our first installment, we're going local with Detroit deathcore band And Hell Followed With! Guitarist Kyle McIlmurray was kind enough to halt his World of Warcraft level grinding to answer our questions. AHFW's Earache debut, Proprioception, is dropping on June 29.

1. To start, can you give us a quick bit of history about And Hell Followed With? How you all came together, recording your first album, ect.

Basically we are derived from the best of the best locals bands from Michigan.. We all knew each other through mutual friends and one day we decided to combine and create AHFW.

2. Your latest album, Proprioception, is a concept album about a drug-laden girl who is losing her grip on reality. Are there any real-world influences to how the story came together?

All over the place.. Government Corruption is one of the biggest ones along side of drug addiction.

3. You're coming close to the end of the "28 Days Latour" trek. Is this AHFW's first national tour? Plus, how's the experience been so far, as far as touring with other bands?

This will be our second national.. The tour was awesome. Lots of incredible times with good friends.. Lots and LOTS of nude dudes.

4. The tour has had it's share of instances. Being shut down in California, a nice sized fight in Washington. Think they're might be a hex on the band, or is it just the usual crappy club owners screwing y'all over?

Just a shitty club with a shitty owner.

5. One major thing we have in common is that we're both Michiganders, and have both seen the Detroit metal scene up close. (Harpo's anybody?) What is your take on the scene nowadays?

Its recovering.. The music scene is foreshadowed by the economy in many ways.

6. Being a Detroit deathcore band, it must of been hard to get many labels to take a look at AHFW as Detroit isn't seen as a mecca of metal. How were you able to get Earache Records to take notice?

Honestly we have no idea.. We were just doing our thing and thankfully someone came along and saw it.

7. Does being a Detroit-based band have any influence on your song writing? Maybe a reflection of how the city and state's economy has been as of late?

Of course.. Being in such a depressing and miserable area can pump out some serious metal.

8. Since we're called Games Meet Metal, we're always on the lookout for metallers who are gamers. Lucky us, your bio pretty clearly states that you have an obsession with Blizzard. So, let loose. How much do you loooooooooove Blizzard games?

WE LOVE BLIZZARD GAMES! The best ever. :)

9. World of Warcraft and Starcraft can be hella addicting. Has your gaming appetite ever intervened in band business?

Naw.. We all play together equally. We take breaks during practice to squeeze in a few rounds of COD MW2 every now and then :)

10. I already have a feeling what the answer's gonna be here, but it'd be nice to get your take on it. How do you feel whenever a game is blamed for a murder, or how they're the downturn of American society?

We don't feel on it. Absolute bullshit.

11. Quickie question: do any console gaming? Maybe bring a 360 on tour with you?

We wish!! But yes, the majority of us are console gamers.

12. Some of the big gaming conventions, like E3 and Blizzcon, are right around the corner. Anything particular you're looking forward to being announced? Maybe a Cataclysm or Diablo 3 release date?

Diablo III, fools! Going to be the best thing since Thriller!

13. In closing, can you give us a peek into the future of And Hell Followed With? Got more tours lined up, or is it break time to work on your level 70 shadow elf?

Tour, tour, tour.. Not sure what a Shadow Elf is.. But I will DEFINITELY be putting in some time on my Night Elf. ;)

Thanks to Kyle for being a good sport and also for not scolding for goofing on night and shadow elves! Proprioception is in stores June 29. Got cash burning a hole in your pocket now? Then go reserve the cd at Earache's online store.

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