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Friday, June 4, 2010

Crime :1st degree: Severe abuse of a gaming system

This is Evan. No, not our Evan from Last Chance to Reason. Oh, no no no. This is a different and much more disturbed Evan. He's a teen werewolf(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!). He hates some kid called Josh who keeps making fun of him. But most of all, he despises the joys of electronic entertainment. Watch the video, enjoy the epic LOL's, then get ready to be mortified at the end. MORTIFIED I TELL YOU!! Honestly, I hope Josh bitchslaps Evan's ridiculous amount of eyeliner off his face.

P.S.: Just in case he's reading this, it's okay to call yourself emo, Evan. I know that the whole werewolf thing seems like a convenient loophole to avoid the emo sting, but it's not working. Plus, by this point, no one can possibly think any lower of you by this point.

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