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Friday, June 4, 2010

E3 2010 Anticipation

About a week from today we will all be glued to our computers reading about the latest and greatest in video gaming. For the uninformed, E3 is the biggest platform in North America where video game companies and developers show off their plans for the future. Usually this is where you'll first hear about the biggest games and hardware updates from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. And leading up to the event, there are a lot of predictions and whispers about what will be presented. So here's a little breakdown about what we might see according to various video game journalists across the web.


Project Natal will take center stage at Microsoft's conference but will it be a worthwhile gaming mechanic or just another novelty item? What the Wii (hell, even Guitar Hero) has proven is that while standing up to play video games is kinda fun it's not something that gamers want to be doing all the time. What will make Project Natal a success is the software that is made available. I can't see gamers playing a game like Halo for hours on end if you have to stand up the whole time. Sure there are some who would be up to the challenge but for the most part, us gamers love our controllers and comfy chairs. So who are these games going to be marketed for? The casual/party gamer, that's who. But will people buy this if they already have a Wii? I guess we'll just have to wait to hear what Microsoft's strategy is. And we should also expect to see more information on Fable III, Halo: Reach, Gears of War 3, Ninety-Nine Nights II, Portal II and a ton of multi-platform titles that I won't go into just yet.


At this point I expect Nintendo to disappoint much like they did 2 years ago. I bet they will spend a good chunk of their conference telling everyone how awesome they are and then they'll probably poke fun at Sony and Microsoft for trying to break their firm grip on the casual gamer. Between these things they will showcase the 3DS and some new useless gadget for the Wiimote. It will be interesting to see how the 3DS will work and perhaps we'll see some new software. Mario Kart 3D mayhaps? But the real draw to Nintendo's conference this year will be the software. The promise of more information on the next Zelda title will have everyone in the video gaming world excited. Predictions say we may also see a new Pikmin game this time around plus more footage of Metroid Other M, Wii Party, and Sin and Punishment 2. And maybe some mention of their third party titles like Conduit 2 and the new Batman: The Brave and the Bold game. Regardless of what Nintendo talks about I bet the new Zelda game will be the thing most journalists and gamers talk about at the end of E3.


3D games and Playstation Move will most likely be the topics that Sony will talk at length about during their conference. Playstation Move is of course Sony's take on the point-and-click interface that Nintendo introduced with the Wii. Sony says theirs is going to be better, but they haven't really done anything to back up that claim. Look for them to show what Move can do and why people should stick with them over Nintendo and Microsoft. And when I mention 3D games I mean Avatar-like 3D. Images that pop off of the screen right at the player. I haven't been sold on 3D technology as of yet, so this really doesn't interest me. 3D movies are kinda neat, but they're more distracting than anything. Plus, that would mean that you would have to get out and buy one of those new 3D TVs that are on the market. Thanks Sony! If this was the only thing Sony showcases at the conference they would probably be murdered on the spot. So look for information on LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5 (is this game going to be the new Duke Nukem Forever?) and a new God of War game.

Multi-Platform Releases

Here's a short list of what you can expect to see at E3 2010. I think the secret theme this year is SEQUELS! Rock Band 3, Green Day Rock Band thingy, Guitar Hero 6, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, Star Wars Unleashed 2, Sonic the Hedgehog IV, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Fallout: New Vegasand so many more. I really liked the LEGO games so I am looking forward to checking those out, even the Harry Potter one even though I haven't sat through an entire movie yet. Other then that the games that are expecting to make appearances (so far) don't really do anything for me. It could partly be because I only have a Wii so I don't have the opportunity to play most of these games. I really like the first party franchises that come with each console, but a lot of this third party stuff seems to pander to a different audience that I never really felt part of. Maybe it has something to do with getting old. Sparkly graphics and cool guns don't do it for me anymore.

So yeah. That's about it at the moment. The big three will give us a lot to talk about and there will probably be a few surprises here and there. In the past they've let their big software titles to do the talking, but when Sony shows the new Final Fantasy only for Microsoft to do the same thing it takes a lot of the thunder away from it. That's why every first party Nintendo game gets so much love and appreciation. Some Nintendo haters don't really get that but it has to do with the nostalgia of it all. I've played so many games with Mario in it that I'm starting to feel like his brother. Even those lame Mario sports titles have something that I can enjoy. So when Nintendo comes out with something else for Mario to do it's a pretty big deal. And to be honest the Legend of Zelda has been the same game ever since Link to the Past (on the SNES for you youngsters). The only difference with each release since has been the graphics and the gimmick that takes you into the "Dark World." But, I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't excited as fuck for the new Zelda game. I hope Microsoft and Sony can bring something equally as awesome to the table, because Zelda is going to hard to top this year.

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  1. Just give me Zelda and PS2 playability on PS3, and I'll be a happy camper.