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Thursday, June 10, 2010

How To Destroy Angels-The Riff Review

But first, how about another pic of Mariqueen Maandig? Warning: it's kinda sorta NSFW.

 Yep, she's the hottest woman in the world at this moment to me.

Anywho, Trent Reznor and hottie's debut ep popped up on the web for free last week. I've given it quite a few listens since, and I'm really liking it. One listen and you can tell that Trent is responsible for all the music on the cd. It has that industrial NIN feel, but at a slower pace. Kind of like the more mellower parts of The Downward Spiral, but never approaching the emotional climax of "Hurt."

The main attraction here is that Mariqueen is the main vocalist, with Trent offering the occasional back-up support. You know, NIN with female vocals is really nice sounding. Most of the time, when female vocalists are trying to sing industrial metal, they're trying to be all guttural and masculine. Not with HTDA! A little bt of femininity goes a long way, as Mariqueen's soft voice contrasts well with Trent's schizophrenic sounds and occasional tribal beats.

There's not much more I can say about HTDA's ep, as it's only six tracks long. But for the price of free, you just can't beat it. You can download your copy at, or be a sport and front a few bucks for a higher audio version and a shirt.

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