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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Metal gets it's own Hootinaney

I got into metal right around the time the Big 4 were experiencing their golden age. That was the late 80's, and it was a joyous time. Metallica, Megadeth Anthrax, and Slayer were all still young and belting out the awesomest tunes in all of metal. Sure, they may have been more medicated than Scott Weiland on a smack binge, but they had the talent to back up their drug budget. The main hiccup was that they hardly ever toured together. There was the Clash of the Titans, but apart from that, can you think of one single instance where they shared the stage? I sure as hell can't.

Fast forward to today, and the ever holy Big 4 are doing the end-all be-all of tours right now in Europe. Just to make us in the Americas feel meek and unloved, there's been a collection of photos and videos of all the bands in picture ops and performing on stage. Now, I'm a skeptical bastard, and I'm gonna say that they're not getting along as good as they say they are. Actually, anybody with a knowledge of metal knows about the tenseness between the Big 4. But seeing them all together on one stage is still an unbelievable moment. It's like if Star Trek and Star Wars merged, and Captain Kirk gets his groove on with Leia, and we get to see it all! Well, "we" as in, the people of Europe.

As an even bigger tease, there's a Big 4 movie circulating amongst American theaters right now. It's a ton of concert footage, but there is one scene that sticks out. It's a full-on all band jam for Am I Evil! Most of Slayer isn't there, but Dave Lombardo does help out on drums. The rest of the bands are all accounted for though. Take a peek at what someone secretly taped while in a viewing.


  1. You have Google, don't you? It's "Hootenanny".

  2. Thanks, grammar Nazi! Give yourself a cookie!