Games Meet Metal: Kittie must like their Tarantino flops

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kittie must like their Tarantino flops

So, Kittie have released a new video for their obvious Misfits tribute, "Die My Darling." Let me clarify that I actually like the song, but the lyric lift just isn't all that subtle. I actually like the band quite a bit too. Their past couple cd's have been some pretty solid slabs of metal that got pushed aside by a lot of manly metalheads. Maybe it was too much estrogen for them, who knows.

Anywho, their new vid takes a big bite out of Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof, which was his half of the vastly underrated Grindhouse double feature. Chicks chase down guy, beat the shit out of him, but our torture victim doesn't get a Kurt Russell-style fatality and just has to settle for a ball gag instead. It's a simple video with a simple theme that gets the point across.

I'm just glad that they didn't end up ripping off Inglorious Basterds. I don't care what anybody says, as that movie was a shit-flavored burger with spunk instead of mayo.

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