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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Know Your Place, Nerd!

Penny Arcade gave an interesting link yesterday: a flowchart written by a Scandinavian fellow named Lore Sjolberg. The chart itself lists the Geek Hierarchy, a sort of quick guide as to who's truly geekier than who. A quick look states that I'm in the "video gamers" category. that's equal to anime fans and amateur science fiction writers, but not as dweeby as ren-fair attendees and, ugh, furries. And to think that there are levels below furries just gives me less hope for the human race.

You can view the chart at Lore's website, as well as a much larger unabridged version.

I kind of wonder what a heavy metal version of this chart would be like. Where would "guys who yell SSSLLLLAAAAYYYYEEEEERRRR at any concert they're at" rank with "chicks who still bang Vince Neil"?

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