Games Meet Metal: Mortal Kombat + Grittiness = Zuh?

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mortal Kombat + Grittiness = Zuh?

Okay, I'm real late on this one, as the new MK video went under my radar for a few days. I blame my lack of new glasses or anything else I can throw the bad joo-joo at to deflect any blame from me.

After watching the movie pitch a few times, I can safely say that I'm skeptically optimistic. A gritty Mortal Kombat remake has shitloads of potential. I'm just not too positive if there's enough people out there who even give a crap about the adventures of Scorpion and Sub-Zero anymore for a guaranteed audience. Maybe it would have better life as an internet show.

If either do get the green light, then I just ask that Seven of Nine not be in the final product. Jeri Ryan may have some great casabas, but her acting is atrocious and she's got quite the fugly horse face. there's got to be somebody else that can fill that role. Shit, doesn't Winona Ryder need a check these days?

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