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Monday, June 7, 2010

One of the most metal moments in all of gaming

The review for Alan Wake is gonna be popping up in a few here, but before then, how about a bit of a teaser?

Late in the game, you enter a desolate farm. As you are running from the blackened enemies, you encounter a strange sight: a fully built concert stage in the middle of the field. With evil still right behind you, you hightail it to the stage. Just in time, as lightning hits the pyro, and suddenly the stage comes alive! Tons of light (the main weakness of enemies in the game) fills the area from all the fireworks going off. Lots of baddies get incinerated in the blast. You collect a heaping pile of ammo to waste the rest of the oncoming baddies from on stage. All while an old school metal track with a faux-Ozzie singer is played over the loudspeakers.

Basically, it's an Axl Rose simulator: beating and killing the shit out of his own audience.

Here's a video of said destruction. Then, Axl trying to do it for real.

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