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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Return of 8-Bit Metal Mondays!

Quick family update: my uncle's out of the hospital, but it's good news/bad news. Looks like there was no stroke, but he will have to get a big operation on his neck. He had lost partial feeling in his right hand which sparked the stroke fears, but it turns out he has three bulged discs in his neck which were pushing on his spinal chord. At least we now know the correct diagnosis, but that operation is not going to be pretty.

Now, with a good chunk of the drama out of the way (for now at least), I can now get back to being all nerdy! This weeks 8-bit Metal Monday topic? Powerglove!

I was introduced to Powerglove when they played support for Dragonforce the last time they came through Detroit. The fact that a bunch of nerds can go on a national tour and play metalized versions of video game tunes both impressed and intrigued me. Well, it must of intrigued the guys of E1 records, as Powerglove have a brand spanking new record contract and are doing up said record as we speak. I'm gonna be putting in a request to interview one of the guys via e-mail, so we'll see if we can get their nerdiness for the site.

In the meantime, enjoy some of their bleepy goodness.

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