Games Meet Metal: Riff's Quick Notes: EA E3 2010 Press Conference

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Riff's Quick Notes: EA E3 2010 Press Conference

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit: So, the series roots were "douchebag jock speedy car driver" verses "roided out po-po with a spoiler on his ride". At least the forest they were driving through looked nice.

Dead Space 2: Ah, more my thing. Looks like it has way more graphical depth than part one. I'm just hoping they don't re-clone too many of the old baddies.

Medal of Honor: Looking a little too much like a modern day Killzone, and boy, did I fucking hate Killzone. I'll give the demo a try, but I'm being hella pessimistic.

MMA: This would be more Amebix's cup of tea than mine, but it looks playable and will give UFC some competition.

EA Sports Active 2: Oh, fuck off!

Madden 11: Oh, fuck off! Part 2: the sequel. And boy, did Joe Montana look like he was just trying to earn a paycheck or what? I haven't seen anyone give less of a shit than that kid snoozing at the Obama speech.

Crysis 2: I passed on the first one since it was PC exclusive, but I'll give part 2 a crack. That's even if this game looks generic as all hell. Pretty graphics though.

Sims 3 for consoles: If they ever map out the path to Armageddon, I think this would be an appropriate starting point.

Bulletstorm: D'oh! Forgot this one. A comic strip turned into a FPS, eh? Seemed pretty dull to start, but having that 20-story rolling monstrosity coming after the protagonist jazzed me up a bit.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: PC exclusive, so not for me. Although, Jedis seemed to have learned to do Hadokens now, so that should make for some neat PvP.

Conclusion: Dead Space 2 is a keeper, the rest is a big fat "meh." And nothing about Dragon Age 2 or Mass Effect 3? Weak.

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