Games Meet Metal: Riff's Quick Notes: Ubisoft E3 2010 Press Conference

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Riff's Quick Notes: Ubisoft E3 2010 Press Conference

Child of Eden: Holy crap, a Kinetc game that I'd totally play! Think Rex as a FSP, but your hand controls the sight and fires. Good techno beats. Don't know if it'll make me buy a Kinect, but we'll see.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: DO WANT!!

Shaun White Skateboarding: You play as everyone's fave stoner Olympian as he skateboards the world out of the greyness of jobs where you support your family to a colorful, graffiti filled funplace. Like as X-treme version of the Red Light District. Wow, such an insult to blue collar workers.

Battle Tag: Hey, it's Lazer Tag! With self-imposed checkpoints and your PC keeps count. Yeah, I'm chucking this one and 3D into "technologies the 80's did better."

Innergy: Huh? What? Fuck no! Don't the cops have a monopoly on breathalyzers as it is?

"Generic Wii Sports and Wii Fit Ripoffs for Kinect": Seriously, why hasn't Nintendo started suing everybody so far?

Raving Rabbids Travel In Time: So, Rayman's dead, huh?

Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Think Metal gear Solid meets Modern Warfare meets cyborg technology. Never got into the series, and this doesn't change it.

Driver San Francisco: A teaser trailer showing a bunch of driving that will never be playable in the real game.Then some gameplay footage proving me right.

Dust: A teaser trailer for what looks like an up-close Populous. Too little to make an opinion.

RAYMAN ORIGINS!! Okay, he's not dead. But he has become a bit of a perv. Still, it looks totally fun old school 2d game.

Mania Planet: It's Little Big Planet taken to the extreme. Now you can create racers, RPG's and FPS's. I predict recreations of the first levels of Mario and Sonic with AK-47's and experience points.

Michael Jackson: I'm guessing a dancing game, but who knows? Literally, who knows? No game footage was shown.

Final opinion: AC: Brotherhood is a lock, Child of Eden looks great, and Rayman lives. The rest can take a pass.

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