Games Meet Metal: A Short E3 Opinionated Editorial From Some Schmuck Who Didn't Get To Go

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Short E3 Opinionated Editorial From Some Schmuck Who Didn't Get To Go

So, it's been a week since E3 was upon us, and everyone is still pouring over preview coverage. They're still bugeyed at all the surprise announcements. They're still waiting on all those booth babes they handed out their numbers to. If you asked any of these guys what they thought of E3, they would probably say that it was amazing, awesome, all encompassing, and probably a few other words that begin with "a".

.....but only if you there.

Being someone who is stuck on the outside looking in, I could only look on in pure jealousy at everyone who got to go to L.A. and bask in the gaming goodness. The ones who got free Xboxes from Microsoft and tons of swag from everyone else. They got to play an asston of games and demos that we won't see for months. They get to report on their experiences on their news sites or blogs. And we have to live vicariously through them, as they flaunt their awesomely fun time. It kind of makes me hope that a few pf these guys were bitch slapped by a few booth babes during their fun "experience."

If this is starting to sound jaded and assholeish, then you're right. i was planning on attending E3 for the first time this year, but priorities ended up being my undoing. A dead car ain't gonna get you anywhere, much less out to L.A.. Buying a new car ain't gonna help you afford a trip either, but that was the hole I got stuck in. Money went this way when I wanted it to go that way. Thus, my E3 plans were scrapped, and I ahd to assume the position of gawker of those lucky enough to go.

Next year? Different story. I'm already getting my paperwork together to give it another shot. I'm looking at flights and seeing prices. I'm checking out hotels and seeing if they offer free breakfasts. I'm also contemplating going to PAX East and using that as a dry run to plan E3 upon. I'm prepping early so that the fruits of my labor can be enjoyed a year later.

I just hope E3 doesn't pull another freaking hiatus and gets ripped apart by the industry itself. Because that would be shitty timing.

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