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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Nintendo's E3, just WOW.

It looks like the Big N has finally decided that they've had enough of the atrocious 3rd party treatment they've had to endure all generation long. On Wii alone, they introduced brand new iterations in the Kirby and DKC franchises, in addition to full video demonstrations of Zelda and Epic Mickey. That's not even bringing up the awesome DS support (Dragon Quest 9, Golden Sun) and unveiling of 3DS and Kid Icarus (no, I'm not joking). My shorts began to stink really bad when the latter was shown, if you know what I mean. This is a showing that Nintendo really needed, if you ask me. Let the horrible memories of the past 3 E3's forever be wiped from your memory, and bask in the joy and bathe in the joyful tears. The only disappointment I have is that they didn't mention Xenoblade or Last Story, leaving me to worry about whether or not Nintendo will bring out these massively anticipated Wii RPGs. Pikmin 3 and Dragon Quest X were also absent, which I predict will show up at next years show, or possibly at TGS in the fall.

I may sound like a slobbering fanboy right now, and that's because that's precisely what I am and I make no qualms about it. As a long time Nintendo fan, I am very pleased.

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  1. True dat, man. I was hoping they would talk a bit more about WiiWare, but the 3DS had to tkae center stage.