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Monday, July 5, 2010

8-Bit Metal Mondays: The Reeses Cups Of Metal

Clutch is a band that has two very distinctive sides. One is their earlier post-hardcore,. nu-grunge, alt-metal, umm... er...  okay, I can't categorize it. I just know that I liked it. Their self titled release with Big News I and II got many spins on my cd player. Then there's the more grown up, flat-out blues band style that they play today. And I STILL love it! Beale Street to Oblivion and Strange Cousins From the West are deserving rock classics that will never get the respect they deserve.

Since I've been jumping back and forth through their catalog, you get a double dose of bleepiness this week. Well, it would be bleepy, but Youtube doesn't seem to have any 8-bit versions of any Clutch songs! C'mon Youtubers!!! Y'all be slacking! Oh, well, you get legit tunes instead. Here's Big News I and II and Electric Worry.

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