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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Acacia Strain's Wormwood: The Riff Review

Me and the Acacia Strain have had a bit of an on and off relationship. The first time I heard them was when they were touring for The Dead Walk, and it was just what my ears wanted to hear. Angry, downtuned, and not as hardcore as some other metalcore bands. Then they released Continent, and things weren't looking too good. Continent just felt bland all throughout, like I've heard it a thousand other times. Plus, that anger went bye-bye. I felt like a jilted lover, where my wife and mistress decided to bail on me.

Now The Acacia Strain have released Wormwood, and I'm happy to report that the wife and mistress have both returned, Plus, they've learned to do a few new things with their tongues.

The first thing evident is the guitar tone. This is one hella LOW tone. It actually comes real damn close to being doom metal at points. Thank the guitar tone to guitarist D.L. and his curiosity with 8-string guitars. Remember when Korn tried 8-stringers? Well, this blows it out of the water entirely. Vocalist Vincent Bennett Has found his anger again, and his gutteral vocals are a great match for the 8-string downtuned doomness. The best example is track six Nightman, quite possibly one of the most aggressive songs these ears have heard in quite some time.

The Acacia strain had won me back, but took a lot of work. Bringing the anger back, along with the doom sound, made me a fan again. Good thing too, because I so didn't want another Continent. If that had happened, I would of given up on the guys the second I heard Wormwood. Instead, I'm now looking forward to hearing plenty more.

Acacia Strain's Wormwood is out now, and you can get a copy at Prosthetic Record's online store. Or, you can lend us a hand, and purchase it through the button here and help us build a better site.

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  1. Ehhh...Im a huge Acacia fan and Ive always felt like they just get better with every album so I loved Continent. But this album is so angry it hurts.