Games Meet Metal: Black Tusk's Taste The Sin-The Riff Review

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Black Tusk's Taste The Sin-The Riff Review

And my stoner metal odyssey continues. From High On Fire to Bison B.C., and now onto Black Tusk. You know, I'm really starting to question my stance on me not smoking any of the sticky icky. It's a decision I'm fine with, but listening to all this down-tuned weed rock has got me thinking that I made the wrong turn at Haight and Ashbury. It's a decision I'm sticking with, but now I do get why everyone around me just assumes I'm a pothead by proxy. Admitting that you're a non-ganga smoking fan of Sleep really brings a large collection of silly looks from everyone around you.

There's is something quite a bit different with Black Tusk's music that separates them from the rest of the stoner genre: a sense of, well, fun. Taste The Sin has plenty of down tuned riffs to smoke a bong to, but it's in the vocal department that the "fun aspect" screams the most. The Mastodon-like triple singer attack of members Andrew, James, and Athon is hardcore in it's tone, but slathered with a good time attitude, They sound like the group of guys you'd buy a round of beer for, and they'd get ya two in return.

Black Tusk refer to themselves as "swamp metal", and they really do exceed at that term. Their sludgy back water tone would fit well into a swamp. But their vocal stylings want you to have a party in the swamp, keggar and all. Just don't expect the crocs to be liking the metal. While you're partying, why not pick the cd up? Just mosey on over to Relapse's Black tusk online selection and make a purchase.

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