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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

His Disappearance. How Unsettling

You just got home form work. You have groceries in hand. You feel relieved to be home, but you have an unsettling feeling. When you called home earlier to talk to your hubby, he didn't answer. Maybe went down to the store, you say to yourself, as you continued your work day. Now you're home, but there isn't a sound in the house. Then you notice his computer desk. No computer. the cables look to have been pulled out in a rush.

Suddenly, fear consumes you.

"My, God! Were we robbed?"

"Where is he?"

"Is he hurt?!?!"

A million other thoughts run through your head, including one particular one: he had requested today off. But why? There was nothing going on, or he would of told me! I thought he was taking a day off to rest!

You rush through the house, looking in every room for him. Nothing. You return to the front room, flustered. You pick up the phone to call 911, when you see a shopping bag in your peripheral vision. You look in the bag. You find a receipt. You read it.

Suddenly, all your worries are abated. You feel relieved. You also feel slightly miffed that he didn't tell you why he was taking today off.

For you see wife/girlfriend/mother portrayed in this short story, your husband/boyfriend/son dropped the ball. He forgot to tell you that Tuesday, July 27th, is Starcraft II release day.

He is not dead. Or kidnapped. Or being tortured for his secrets. Nope, he just at his buddie's house killing Zerg by the hundreds. He's with other nerdy guys doing nerdy guy things. And as Stewart Smalley once said,"That's..... okay."

Although, now would be a good time to text him to remind him of his gaffe, and he's getting chewed a new one when he gets home.

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