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Friday, July 16, 2010

Important news about Games Meet Metal

Ugh, what a shitty week. Having to flip shifts to the morning really goobered up my inner clock. I was having to go to bed at 10PM. 10 dammit! I haven't gone to sleep that early since frigging middle school! As such, I wasn't able to do jack squat with the site, as far as blog writing is considered. I was able to get a few other things done on the business side.

One of the first things i did when I started the site is look into what it would take to get into things like E3 and PAX as media. That's when I was introduced to things like "doing-business-as" licences and employer identification numbers. Being the anally retentive prick that I am, I combed over all the legalities of these things for quite awhile and came up with an answer: take EIN and DBA to a bank to get a small business account. Then came getting the money. That took awhile. For a time comparison, I started the site in October of 2009. It's now July 2010. Yeah, money was scarce. No thanks to YOU, Mr. Recession!

Well, summer happens to have a positive effect on my cash reserves. With a few days, I was able to string enough bucks up to finally open up a small business account for the site. With this, I can start doing some advertising for the site, as well as put ads on Games Meet Metal. Don't worry, not too many. We're not IGN after all. Revenue from those ads can help fund a forum and even a site redesign in the future. Probably more importantly, with the DBA and EIN combined into one entity, this makes us a legitimate business in the form of music and gaming media. Combined with my just-purchased first round of business cards and letterheads, our writers and yours truly can now have media access to E3 and PAX!!!! I'm already thinking about going to PAX East, as long as ticket and hotel prices are reasonable.

While this may seem like a small step for most, it is a HUGE step for me and everyone who writes for this site. Who knows, maybe the site will become profitable enough in a year's time that I can quit my day job and do this full time! And even pay people! Oh to dream. Until then, I'm still flipping pizzas, hoping for a better tomorrow.

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