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Saturday, July 17, 2010

LCTR- tour blog 3- THRASH & BURN!

We just got the news that LCTR is going to be rocking a couple select dates on the THRASH & BURN tour. We'll be playing 8/13 at Peabody's in Cleveland, OH and 8/14 at Harpo's in Detroit, MI. The Thrash & Burn tour has some pretty sick acts like Periphery, Born of Osiris, and Through the Eyes of the Dead. These dates are on Friday and Saturday too so no excuses! Come out and see LCTR with a bunch of other kickass bands.



  1. Yes! You're hitting my neck of the woods! And it's another day to request off. Boss man ain't gonna like it, but ih well.

  2. evan glad to see you guys are picking up even more steam. all those shows back at the edge seem like forever ago