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Saturday, July 31, 2010


We just started our run of tour dates with Iron Thrones, and I must say I'm pumped to be sharing the stage with some like-minded musicians. We kicked off the tour at the Double Door in Chicago, and while the choice of booking two 80's throwback bands with ourselves, Iron Thrones and The Alaya Conscious, was interesting to say the least, the sound was great and we had a really good time. A large part of that good time was thanks to hanging out with Jason & Dave from our management group. We were also pumped to see our long-time buddy Mikey from iwrestledabearonce come out to chill. There was also free vodka, which I took part in heartily.

So far the van rides have had more Opeth jams and Lord of the Rings sessions than video game playing, but I'm sure we'll get some in. The dudes in Iron Thrones assure me that playing video games is in their top activities.

LCTR & Iron Thrones are playing the Summit in Columbus Ohio- 2216 Summit St Columbus OH 43201.

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