Games Meet Metal: Ov Hell's The Underground Regime and Insidious Disease's Shadowcast: The Riff Dual Review

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ov Hell's The Underground Regime and Insidious Disease's Shadowcast: The Riff Dual Review

Well, Dimmu Borgir has been in the press a lot lately. A new album, the album's artwork, members coming and going. I don't think there's been a day go by in the past week where I haven't seen multiple news articles about the band. Oh well, such is the hype when a big metal band are about to trounce the world yet again. This puts me in a good mood though, as Dimmu is one of my fave black metal acts, and seeing and hearing them again sure does appeal to me.

Until that happens, I decided to jump on into a couple of side projects a few of the members have been working on to help mend the time. So, are they worth your effort, or are they coffee coaster status?

First is Insidious Disease's Shadowcast, which hosts Dimmu's Silenoz on guitar. He brought along a few buddies to help him out: Jardar (guitar)of Old man's Child, Tony Laureano (drums) from Nile, Shane Embury (bass) of Napalm Death, and unknown vocalist Marc Grewe. Insidious Disease's sound is straight up "We heart Cannibal Corpse very very much" death metal with maybe a touch of groove here and there. It's nice to hear Silenoz get to play something else than long chord progressions and really start thrashing out on death metal. And if those are his solos, then he needs to do that more often on Dimmu records. Marc Grewe, even though he's the new guy on the scene, does his guttural death metal vocals like a pro, and hits it perfectly with every song.

Next is Ov Hell, which has it's own little super group vibe going. You have Shagrath (vocals) from Dimmu, King (bass) from Gorgoroth/God Seed, Ice Dale (guitars) from Enslaved, Teloch (guitars) from God Seed, and MOTHA FUCKIN FROST (drums) FROM SATYRICON!!!! Sorry for the excitement there, I just like me some Satyricon. Ov Hell don't pull the death meta card, oh no sir. These guys are all about black metal. Not the symphonic kind that Dimmu Borgir is known for. This is "straight from the origins" black metal: rough production, rougher guitar shredding, and screeching vocals. However, these are Shagrath's screeching vocals, and there isn't much change between them and what you hear on any Dimmu release. There are some effects playing to add to the creepy factor, but the real star here is Frost and his super-speedy blast beat drums.

So, which do you choose? Both represent showcasing the past of extreme metal: Insidious Disease with Floria-born death metal, Ov Hell with old school black metal. If you were gonna pull my arm, I'd pick up Insidious Disease. The old school death metal has just always appealed more to me than black metal, and it just sounds more fun to the ear. But, if you're a Dimmu uber-fan and dig the dark and dreary stuff, then both outings should serve your blasphemous needs.

Ov Hell is out now, and can be picked up at Prosthetic Record's online shop. Insidious Disease doesn't plague the world until July 27th, but you can pre-order your copy from CM Distro.

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  1. sorry mate, but Marc Grewe is everything but an unknown & new guy in the scene;)
    he was the vocalist in German's DM band Morgoth.
    awesome CD!