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Friday, July 2, 2010

A Shitty Thing To Happen To A Nice Guy

Madina Lake is a band that I generally don't care for. Their music is very emo-centric, as is their image, and that's a big  no no for me. Regardless, I met the band last year while I was doing some marketing for Roadrunner at Warped Tour, and they were awfully swell guys. Music tastes aside, the guys were very hospitable and treated their fans with tons of respect. I also found out that they hail From Flint, Mi., which is where I was born, so we have a neat connection. It was the right attitude for a young band to have when trying to grow their fan base, thus winning me over on their personality.

There is a bad side to niceness in that it can be turned on you, and sometimes it's in a a violent form. Madina Lake bassist, Matthew Leone, stepped into a beating that a man was giving his wife outside his apartment, and Matt ended up getting the worst of it. He's now in a hospital with a portion of his skull removed to try to reduce the swelling on his brain.

Fuck! I hate to see good people get shit on, and this is just that case. Not only did justice not get served, but paying those medical bills is gonna be  near impossible. Too bad the music industry doesn't offer cheap health care. In the end, this is just disgusting. Matt showed more balls than most, and he doesn't even get a thank you.

There's a Facebook club that you can join so that you can send him some good will. Hopefully, someone sets up a charity fund so that the guy can pay his massive medical bills.

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