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Monday, July 5, 2010

Tool w/ Dalek: Another Disturbyng Concert Review

July 4th is a day that holds a special place in a lot of people's hearts. It is most famous for being the day that the U.S.A. signed their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. To me, it will be the day that I saw Tool for the first time and crossed another band off of my Concert Bucket List.

Up to the concert I couldn't help but get excited that I would be seeing Tool for the first time. I knew a lot of people that were going and I would always try to mention it in conversation just to get amped up even more. This concert was just one of those things that I had been waiting a long time for and the day had finally arrived. I was feverishly searching the internet to study the setlists of previous shows and read reviews of what other people thought of them. I have yet to stumble upon a negative review of the tour, but I'm sure they're out there. If you haven't been able to tell by how much I am gushing over the band, this is not a negative review. But there was one negative part of the show that I must mention.

Opening for the band is a two piece, hip hop, noise band called Dalek. Now I'm not a fan of hip hop or noise, so I would have never have heard of these guys had they not opened up for Tool. Unfortunately they did nothing to amp me up for Tool, and their "music" didn't entertain me in the slightest. I meant to try and listen to something of these guys before hand, but I never managed to. Had I done so, I most likely would have waited until later to get into the show sparing myself from the audio onslaught that is Dalek. These guys have a place in music but it is not a place that I would like to be. Dalek only managed to play for 30 minutes or so before exiting the stage. No one really seemed broken up about them being finished.

9:00pm: the lights go out and the intro to Third Eye plays. "Think for yourself. Question authority." is repeated by a stock recording of Timothy Leary. If I ever did any psychedelic drugs, this would be my queue to take them. The band slowly wanders onto the stage and the audience greats them with mighty cheers and applause. Maynard James Keenan and Danny Carey share the middle of the stage, situated in the back behind the guitarists. Adam Jones is on the far left and Justin Chancellor is on the far right. The floor for this show was seated and we managed to get tickets in the 7th row, right in front of Justin. We had an amazing view of the stage and the light setup. The only person I had trouble seeing was Adam Jones, but thankfully he tends to wonder around while he plays. 15 minutes later, the band has just finished Third Eye and the crowd is going mental.

Maynard addresses the crowd and says "For the next two hours, everything that happens outside of this building has no meaning." and the band jumped into Jambi. The lighting display that Tool puts on is phenomenal. There are numerous video screens and projectors that display some stunning visuals to enhance the music that is being played. This allows everyone in the arena to feel like a part of what is happening, even the patrons who were only able to get seats in the nose bleed sections. Truly a sight to be seen. My guess is that Tool would be one of the pioneers of the 3D concert experience, because you know it's only a matter of time until that happens.

The band sounded great. The sound techs really know what they're doing and all of the levels sounded excellent. Maynard stuck to the back of the stage and was never lit throughout the show. One of my friends asked if he was ever going to come out of the shadows and I said "No, that's just what he does." They extended Stinkfist, Schism and Lateralis to include some great musical interludes. Lateralis actually had Dalek come out and add they're bit of flavour to the song while Danny Carey drummed the shit out of his shiny gold kit. Dalek really didn't do anything other than play some whooshing and siren noises, so I don't really know why they were there. I guess someone in Tool really likes those guys. Unfortunately the band wasn't able to squeeze in an encore because of Canada's awesome "Finish By Eleven Or We Fine You" laws. They closed with Ænima, bowed to the audience and made their way out.

They played a really good set and seemed to stick with a lot of there more well known songs. I'm surprised that they didn't play much from 10,000 Days (only Vicarious and Jambi) but I'm happy that they played The Patient and Lateralis. Hell, even Intolerance was amazing to hear live. On a whole, the whole show was tremendous. It is everything that I could have asked for. If you haven't got your ticket because you think you'll get stuck with shitty seats, just man up and buy it already. Every seat is a good seat and you don't need to see the band anyway. Tool is all about the audio and visual stimulation instead of playing a killer solo or parading around the stage like rock stars. These guys are not entertainers, they are musicians and they're out there to play some fantastic music day in and day out.


  1. I just got home from the show in Regina...I waited 25 years to see them and was not disappointed.I was disappointed they did not play Sober (their MTV debut song in 1984)I figured It would be an encore but like you by 11 (however Axle Rose started about 11 several months back).

    I personally used to make music like Dalek(no vocals) back in the late '70' friends said it sucked.:) so I stop making it..I would like to know what they use for stage gear though.

    Your review is well written and if Maynard could do a Perfect Circle tour once more. :)

  2. If Tool would have APC open for them... that would be stellar! I wonder sometimes, why Tool doesn't select a band that other Tool fans would enjoy. I don't think Dalek was well received in Regina.

    The drive from Saskatoon, me and my friend were discussing what song Tool would open with. I was thinking Third Eye would be a great song to enjoy live, but I never suspected they would open up with it! I was blown away! I wish I didn't have to drive 3 hours down for the show, or I would have popped some form of psychedelics.

  3. I couldn't tell you if Dalek was well received in Winnipeg or not because I took off after the first "song." It just wasn't for me.

    And I drove from Winnipeg to Saskatoon for Iron Maiden (cause I really wanted to see Dream Theater) and then we drove back right after the concert. The lightning that night was EPIC!

  4. I Love TOOL and also like Dälek a lot...

    why you metalheads are so squared?

    Dälek is a such great hip hop project so far, conscious and social critic hip hop, maybe that's why they are playing with TOOL due the fact that TOOL members have opened their minds to any kind of stuff (musical or not) since their early days.

    That is the big difference between a real musician and a metalhead.