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Monday, July 5, 2010

An Update on Matthew Leone

Looks like there may be some justice in this world yet. as Matthew Leone's attacker has been found and arrested. 33-year old Justin Pivec was charged with aggravated battery causing bodily harm and injuries to his wife. She may also face charges for leaving the scene of a crime. Also, Matthew's condition continues to improve, as he is now awake and aware of the situation. He still has part of his skull removed due to brain swelling, and has an operation scheduled to reattach everything once the swelling goes down.

As a final bit of good will, a charity has been established through Facebook. Once again, Matthew doesn't have health insurance, so paying those bills is gonna be a real killer without any help. You can give whatever you can at the clickable link.

It's nice to see some good news come out of this situation, but I'd hate to be in Matt's shoes. Injured, no insurance, unable to tour for who knows how long. I just hope the dude gets well quick.

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