Games Meet Metal: Zeus: The Cause Of My Internet Disruption

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Zeus: The Cause Of My Internet Disruption

So, late last night, I finished chatting with a friend online, and was about to flip the Wii on, when ZAP!! The whole house looses power. Quickly checking the fuse box and seeing that it wasn't just a flip of a switch, I venture outside to see if any neighbors have any power. Sure as shit, the whole neighborhood has lost the juice. All thanks to the transformer blowing up. Namely, the one in my back yard.

Instead of just blaming the transformer's destruction on near 100-degree weather and local overuse thanks to air conditioners, I'll throw the blame at an imaginary deity. So, FUCK YOU ZEUS!!! Stop trying to kill your children and keep the lightning in check, k? Oh, and stop schtooping women behind Hera's back. Honestly, if there's anything a Goddess hates, it's a playa.

There's a repair crew in my backyard now cutting down a tree to get to the main problem, but these are city workers, and they're gonna take their sweet fucking time. God damn unions and their overtime wages. Until then, site articles may experience a break for a day or two, unless someone else chimes in with a bit to read.

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