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Monday, August 16, 2010

8-Bit Metal Mondays: The Ordeals Of The Real World

So, Slayer and Megadeth are scheduled to hit town later this week. It'll be awesome! It'll be extraordinary! It'll also be with out me. A lack of available press tickets is a big culprit. The real whammy though, is that I am in sudden need of new glasses. I always put off a visit to the optometrist, not because of any doctor fears ( but I do hate those rear retina tests that leave you pseudo blind for at least two hours), but because of bill fears. Sure as shit, I gotta cough up $300 for a new pair thanks to my uber strong prescription and lack of feasible health insurance. Thus, no ticket buying. In the end, fattie's gotta see, right?

So, in mourning of my concert loss, I did a bunch of pre-ordering at the local Gamestop, which I think I'll write up later today. Also, Metroid: Other M is dropping in a couple weeks, so for this week's bleepiness, we're gonna head back into the world of Metroid Metal! How about the Kraid theme? Now, if you excuse me, I'm gonna enjoy a good part of my day off work by eating some Rally's and watching Avatar for the first time. Yes, I was the one guy who didn't see it, alright? Quit teasing!

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