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Monday, August 2, 2010

8-Bit Metal Mondays: What the best Mudvayne album was

Sitting here, thinking about which Mudvayne album was most superior, I realized that the early ones have some major holes in them. I think their second cd, The End of Things To Come,is their best musically, but some of the tracks seem real out of place. The same with LD 50, their first cd. That was their hardest effort, but some songs on there really don't belong either. So, I'd say the best Mudvayne effort would be a combination of cd's one and two. Damn shame that they go bit by the money bug for their third cd, as they were really turning into a very experimental progressive band that could do respectable numbers. Mudvayne's later cd's aren't all that bad, but just can't hold a candle to their earlier days.

In keeping with their early days, here's the bleepy version that put Mudvayne on the map, Dig.

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