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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8-Bit Metal Tuesdays: Welcome to Sleep Deprivation

On Sunday's, I generally pull an all dayer at my main job. It can be hellish, but it does leave me plenty of free time during the regular week, as all my hours would be accounted for already. Well, I did the same thing this week. Pretty rough day, with the super warm temps outside clashing badly with the heat on the inside. Still, I got though it, went home, and prepared for my day off.

Then my phone rings at 8:30 AM.

One of the other managers had an emergency and needed to take care of it ASAP, so that meant I had to come in. After pulling an open to close. After only a few hours sleep, because I always fall asleep late. You can see where this is leading.

So, after working my shift, I was barely even alive. The body needed sleep, and it needed it now. So I fell asleep at 8:30 PM. Jeez, I haven't crashed that early since grade school. However, in the end, I benefited. I got Tuesday off, which meant I got to mess around with the new Metroid and the Dead Rising prologue. Oh, and the Vanquish demo. Haven't gotten far enough in the previous two to form a proper opinion, but I will say this about Vanquish: picture Gears of War turned into a bullet hell shooter.

Of course, it was after I turned off all the electronic fun for the night that it dawned on me that my tired ass didn't do and 8-bit Metal Monday. So now, Ima make up fo dat! I've been looking over the schedule for PAX this year, wishing ever so much that I was there. Even their concert area, which usually goes toward the real geeky stuff I don't dig, is featuring some rock and metal. Case in point are the Mini-Bosses, who rock out to bleepy 8-bit classics on real instruments. They're no Powerglove, but they're good in their own right. Here's their version of the Contra theme.

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