Games Meet Metal: Blast Beats and Boss Battles w/ Daath's Sean Z!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blast Beats and Boss Battles w/ Daath's Sean Z!

(Well, butter my buns and call me a biscuit, it's another edition of Blast Beats and Boss Battles! Today's unfortunate victim is Daath vocalist Sean Z! Read on to hear him expound on Xbox modding, not being able to boot up Starcraft, and his affinity for vaporizers.)

1. How did you come by the Daath lead singing gig?

Screaming forever and ever! And knowing Eyal forever too.  
2. Was it hard to adjust with the band when you joined up?

Yes and no.   The practice regiment wasn't what I was used to, and I also had to get better as a frontman as well.  Better than I was and quick.  I had been in a local band practicing every night playing local shows, so when the opp arose it seemed all the practice was finally not going unheard.

3. Why just "Z"? Is Zatorsky too had to type out on a keyboard?

 I spent so many years having people fuck it up, and its just so much easier to tell someone. 
4. Daath is hella busy right now recording their 4th record. Any surprises in the songs that we should be expecting?
Be ready!!!1 Did I mention lots of screaming?

5. Vaporizers, vaporizers, vaporizers. There doesn't seem to be a Daath interview that goes by that eventually brings up your guy's love of vaporizers. To someone that doesn't smoke the sticky icky like myself, it's a little hard to fathom how it could be different than just the classic styles of consumption. Care to share a little enlightenment?

Mmmm.  The taste is  so...... well, amazing
6. Okay, gaming question time! Word on the street is that you're quite the Xbox 360 modder. How long have you been modding out systems for, and how do have your 360 hooked up?

Fucking years!  I have 5 at the moment. Most are people giving me dead ones and me repairing them over and over and over. But my main rig is an elite, j-tagged, stripped of all the restrictions I crank that fan speed up to 100 and my ring of lights..... well, I like  to keep them red just to fuck with people. And yes, one of those 5 is a 360 S.

7. On your Myspace page, it clearly says "fuck ps3". Why the hate? Can't we all just get along in one nerdy gaming utopia?

Sony shit has just been slacking lately thats all.  It just seeks they are betting the farm on 3d tv's.
8. What's been garnering most of your gaming time lately? I'd imagine there's a lot of Starcraft II going on.

Well, I got Starcraft, and my pc that I spent a ton of money building suddenly became obsolete when  this game came out. I tried running everything in high, but it was terrible, choppy sloppy vsync shit. 

 9. Gaming's going quite motion control and 3D crazy right now. The industry is saying it's for deeper game immersion. Do you go along with that, or are you fine with an oddly shaped controller that vibrates?

I'm down, as long as I can still be lazy on the couch too, ill dig on some motion controllers. They could do some insane things with the right programming.

10. What's the immediate future for Daath after recording is done? Booking any American tours yet?
Oh yeah, tours are a must, especially after a new album.

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