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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Music Via E-mail: The Dual Riff Review

Every so often, I get sent a promo cd from an unsolicited source. Generally, it's just a band member. Usually, the music is pure drek. The biggest senders are crap black metal bands from the back woods of Europe who sound like they've never listened to a Mayhem record. However, I do get a decent one here of there, and today I'll share a couple of them with you.

Enemy Logic hails from the very young metal scene of Ireland. You'd think there would be more metal streaming out of Ireland, what with alcohol consumption being a key ingredient in both the country and the music. But I digress. There's metal there, it's hungry, and they're recording. EL's second album, Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind is what I was sent, and it is definitely a young band learning the ropes. Their metalcore/dethcore style is very American influenced, right down to the mild use of effects here and there.

I say there's true potential here, but I do have a couple gripes. First is that while the metalcore style may help them stand out in Ireland, they may just look like another member of the "cool metal kids" crowd with the outside world. That will definitely be a bad mark if Enemy Logic ever plans on doing some massive touring. If EL is lucky enough to make a 3rd record, I say it would be time to start branching out musically so that you can differentiate yourself from the crowd if they ever tour abroad.

My second gripe is that the album has an odd sounding mix. I say that when the 3rd album comes around, invest some good money in a really good mixer. Breakdown sounds like it has the guitars to high and the drumming too low. I think the drums are the best part of the cd and need to be showcased more.

Other than those two gripes, I say that Enemy Logic are well on their way in the metal world. Wanna check them yourselves? Go to their Myspace and make your own opinion.

Next up is Journal, who hail from Sacramento, California. Their latest, Unlorja, is an 80- minute magnum opus of math metal, prog elements, and SURPRISE! Lots of inspiration from video games! Yes, it's another in the awesomely growing trend of combining games and metal! However, at first, it doesn't look as if there is a connection.

At first, the band sounds comfortable enough touring with Between The Buried and Me and maybe even being signed to Sumerian records. The schizophrenic pace just keeps you guessing. Then you get a 2-minute interlude of beautiful music. If they're channeling gaming, then I'd say the interludes are inspired by mid 90's Enix Super NES games. I swear a few of them could be tossed into Actraiser or Soulblazer and they would totally fit.

Here's hoping Journal gets a nice record deal in the near future. Their sound is ready for some good production, and with some decent tour support, they could make a name for themselves. I highly suggest you visit their Bandcamp page, give their songs a once-through, and cough up a few bucks for Unjorla.

And just in case you guys are reading this: TOUR MICHIGAN!!!!

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