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Friday, August 20, 2010

Game Footage That Made Me Shit Bricks

I have a terrible fear of non-walled height. I can go up to the top floor of a building and feel confident that the thing won't crash down around me, bar an attack from Godzilla or Gamera or Rush Limbaugh. Dino lasers and right-wing bullshit can pretty much topple all. However, put me on a roof without any lovely concrete walls around me and the fear of falling from there hits me like a bullet to the temple. Then you'll see me, running back to the stairwell door, screaming like a little bitch. In other words, the outside world sucks, and the power for it to suck more increases the higher you go. Trust me, that shit's exponential.

That's what makes this footage of Dead Space 2 so damn horrifying to me. No monsters, no dead bodies, no bloodied makeshift temples. Just you, a big jump downwards, and large amounts of crap in your way. Oh, and you're gonna crash. I don't care if this is space, that shit's gotta smart.

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