Games Meet Metal: Give Unto The Bone Marrow Registry, For Nergel Will Be Pleased

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Give Unto The Bone Marrow Registry, For Nergel Will Be Pleased

The big news this week has been Behemoth front man Nergel's recent diagnosis of advanced leukemia. It's so far along that the poor guy needs a bone marrow transplant ASAP, or things won't be looking to good for the Polish metal giant. Fuck me, man! How many hits can the metal world keep taking? Peter Steele, Paul Gray, and Dio are already gone this year. Shit man, Dio was dead six months after his diagnosis, and his cancer wasn't looking too life threatening. Now with Nergel's cancer being advanced, and Poland's health care system not necessarily tops in the world, what's a blackened lord of evil to do?

Well, there isn't much he can do except wait for a viable donor, but there is something YOU can do! Visit and go get yourself registered to be a bone marrow donor. All it takes is three cotton swabs on the inside of your mouth and you're done. You'll have the rest of the day free to denounce God, play some Mario, or gleefully jerk it to midget porn. Plus, if Poland allows an international registry, then maybe there's a chance you can help Nergel keep throwing Christians to the lions for just a wee bit longer.

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