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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LCTR- tour blog- VANS RULE

No independent metal tour would be complete without van problems, and that's just what LCTR ran into a couple days ago. It forced a cancellation in SC and brought on a lot of lounging with our friends Leah & Sarah in DC. Thank the patron saint of metal for those gals, they always provide us with some much needed luxury whenever we pass through their area.

With time to kill, Chris and BP were busy catching up on some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2... for about 48 hours straight. I'm not a huge Call of Duty guy, but any game that can give a couple dudes such a bad case of 'gamer eye' that they can barely see the beer in front of them has to have something going for it.

In the meantime I was checking out a hard-as-nails little indie game called Tower of Heaven.

It's a pretty simple platformer that keeps adding little rules (like the one seen above) to make the levels increasingly difficult. Good fun, if you don't mind a bit of frustration in your gaming.

After paying exuberant money to fix a piece of the steering column that looks like it's worth about 75 cents we were back in action, and ready for more long driving hours.

Last night we got to Nashville TN and got to hang out with some of our good buds Skeet and Barry from Look What I Did, who just got off tour a few days ago. It's been a long time since we've seen these dudes and we'll likely be chilling with them the next couple days as we've got two TN shows in a row: Tonight we hit The Coup in Clarksvile TN, and tomorrow we rock The Muse in Nashville. Come check it out if you can!

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