Games Meet Metal: Sturby Returns! Part 1: Concerts

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sturby Returns! Part 1: Concerts

Greetings all. It's been a while and I want to let you know that I am still alive after the summer months. Between a vacation to Florida and going camping every weekend I've been one busy guy! Since I'll have weekends to myself (more or less) these days I will have time to get back to doing the things I love; playing video games and talking music (and watching hockey when the NHL starts up)! That's not to say that I haven't been playing any video games or listening to some sweet tunes but now that summer is over there will be a whole lot more to discuss. Since I mostly do concert, video game and music reviews I will be splitting up my recaps into two parts for each category just to keep things nice and tidy (and so I can produce more posts for the site cause I'm crafty like that). So here's a look back at some of the concerts I attended this summer.

Since the Tool concert (my last post) I've been to 3 concerts, though two of them were more for nostalgia sake than going out to have a good time at a kick ass show. On July 15th I saw Bon Jovi (with Kid Rock) and they put on a pretty good show. The Jovi played for a little over two hours and they had a pretty decent mix of terrible new music and awesome classic hair metal. Thankfully they were at a 2:1 good to bad song ratio. They opened with Blood on Blood and played stuff like Bad Medicine, You Give Love a Bad Name, Runaway and of course Livin' on a Prayer. Kid Rock surprisingly didn't hold back and played his harder stuff in addition to his super safe pop/country songs. Dude played Rock n' Roll Jesus, So Hot, Cowboy and Bawitaba. Another pretty cool part that I wasn't expecting was him and his band doing a bit of a jam session which gave Mr. Rock the opportunity to show off his multiple musical talents. He played the piano, the guitar, the drums and even did some uh.... DJ-ing(?). I remember watching a live performance of his during his Cowboy/Bawitaba days and they did they same type of thing, I just didn't expect him to do it while opening for Bon Jovi. Kid Rock easily had the best performance of the two bands even if I liked more Bon Jovi tunes that night. I'd probably go to another Kid Rock show before a Bon Jovi concert, unless Bon Jovi does an "oldies only" tour.

On August 5th I went to a "Weird" Al Yankovic show. Yes..... the "Weird" Al. Now say what you want about him or his music, but I think the guy is pretty damn funny. I've enjoyed his music and comedy bits ever since I was a kid and I've liked everything ever since. Having never been to one of his shows in all my years, I figured I should check him out while I can and for $40, it's not like it was going to break my bank account. He played for just over 90 minutes but there were a lot of costume changes between songs. He basically recreated his most popular music videos on stage which was quite entertaining. During some of the lengthy costume changes he played video clips from some of his interviews and basically every TV and Movie appearance he's made and every clip where he's the punch line to a joke. Though this is a very smart idea it got pretty annoying where he'd be doing this after almost every song. I think he could have grouped some songs together even if it meant staying dressed up as Kurt Cobain for more than one song. The concert was still a lot of fun and if you've ever enjoyed "Weird" Al I would suggest taking the chance to see him in concert.

And the last show that I attended was Rock on the Range Canada on August 7th. For those of you who've heard of Rock on the Range (RotR) think of RotR: Canada as the exact same thing only with more Canadian musicians. It's an outdoor music festival (of sorts) that started at 1:30 in the afternoon and ended at 11:00pm. The weather this year was nice and sunny which is a great change since last year it was cold and rainy. This year's show was headlined by Stone Temple Pilots and Godsmack. There were two stages setup and the other bands that performed were (in order) Sons of York, Danko Jones, Menew, Crash Karma, Dominica, Finger Eleven, Bleeker Ridge, Buckcherry, Airbourne, Three Days Grace and The Trews. The highlights of the show were Danko Jones (a simple Canadian hard rock band), Airbourne (these guys just love coming to Winnipeg), The Trews (east-coast rock at its finest), Godsmack and STP.

Danko Jones started things off on the main stage and because he was on so early in the afternoon there were only 2 or 3 thousand fans there to see him. But, that didn't stop him from rocking the shit out of that stage and putting on one of the best performances of the day. The first time Airbourne came to Winnipeg they had sold out the venue they were in in like 10 minutes. Considering this band was just starting out and only had one single to their name, that's pretty impressive. They played a number of their fist-pumping rock tunes and at that point nearly all 15,000 attendees were there to enjoy it. Godsmack got to play for an hour and they managed to play almost all of their singles as well as fit in their duelling drum solo which is always fun to see. Sully and crew attacked the stage with a great energy and even though it was late in the day, the fans were instantly energized by the band's performance. STP closed the night off with a 90 minute set playing a ton of their hits and only two new songs. Scott Weiland was juiced which allowed him to loosen up and put on a fantastic performance. I got the opportunity to see them last October and Scott didn't really do a whole lot other than sing through the songs which disappointed a lot of fans. A couple of my friends left after Godsmack because they didn't want to be let down after such an amazing show (they had already gotten their monies worth). It was a really good time and I can't wait to see who they manage to book for next summer.

As for upcoming shows I don't really have a whole lot scheduled. Looks like I will be missing out on Against Me!, 30 Seconds to Mars, Slash, Primus, As I Lay Dying, Black Label Society, Rockstar Uproar Festival, and that's all I'm typing cause I'm getting depressed... I will however be going to Coheed & Cambria and The Trews who are both playing in late October so I am really looking forward to that. So keep an eye out for upcoming concert reviews. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to win a few tickets for some of the stuff I am missing out on.

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