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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Upping the game library: the Gamestop adventure

(Not my gaming library, but one can dream.)

First off, I must apologize for the lack of posts from myself these past couple weeks. It's been a bit of a rough little bit here in Michiganland. Going to Warped Tour and Mayhemfest earlier this month was a blast, but it brought with it an erratic sleep schedule and even crazier work schedule. Combine the two, and something was bound to break. In the end, it was I who broke, and it resulted in some wicked insomnia. Barely getting any sleep at night to nearly napping standing up at work is something I recommend you avoid at all costs.

Plus, it's also Cruise week here in Metro Detroit. For the uninitiated, the Cruise is a yearly thing where all the douchebags bring out their douchey cars and douchily drive them on Woodward all week long. It's like the Jersey Shore to infinity, and Snookis abound. Seriously, you can drop in anywhere on the strip and meet a handful of egotistical 22-year old super femmy drunks with way too much self esteem. Plus, since the store I work at is also on the strip, I get to "enjoy" this love for several weeks. It all ends on Saturday night, but that journey sure does suck.

Add to all of that a $300 bill for new eyeglass, and you can just see the unrelenting joy I've been going through.

So, all this combined forced me to slash through all my concert dates coming up so I can get my head back into a normal place to sleep, and get those damn glasses so my money can even out again. On the flipside, my gaming budget wasn't affected too much, so I had the chance to pay some stuff off and even reserve some of the biggie stuff popping up. So, here's the rundown:

All nicely paid off, thanks to the fact that it was by far the cheapest. I've been watching a bunch of Other M videos lately, and I have the feeling that this game is gonna be "Super Metroid on crack." I just hope Team Ninja doens't go all wacky and throw in their traditional boob physics. Samus is just fine the way she is.

It's the Halo: reach Legendary Edition, and it's all paid off baby! Just a forward note, you're gonna see a few of these special editions pop up. That's just me willing to cough up the few extra bucks to something that I really do like. In this case, a display that'll look great on my entertainment center. Oh, and a good game too.  wonder if I should put my Master Chief head next to it.

Oh Ubisoft and your Asssassin's Creed series, how you mutilate my wallet so! Three console games in the series, three special editions, and me buying them all. But hey, I love the series, so I'm more than glad to perform my civic duty as a consuming capitolist, and fork over the money for a creepy jack-in-the-box.

I was a big fan of the early Medal of Honor games, but the license soon went all over the place and became diluted as all hell. Now that the series is coming back in a modern  form, it makes you kind of wonder if EA isn't just looking for some of that Modern Warfare cash. They say no, as MOH will be more realistic version of warfare that it's over-the-top arcadey brother. Speaking of the brother...

I'll gladly admit it. The RC bomb car sold me on it. Still have aways to go to pay this one off, but.... well..... RC CAR!!!

Yes, the tongue-bathing of Kratos continues. I didn't just reserve the game, I'll also be getting the special edition PSP with it. My old PSP's online capabilities crapped out on me while I was playing the new Metal Gear. That shit pissed me off royally, as Metal Gear was a pretty heavy online game. So now I'm gonna wait to play it with a new system with a bad ass black and red scheme.

Well, that's the list so far. There are a couple big omissions. Dead Rising 2 hasn't sold itself on me yet. If the demo later this month turns out good, then I'll lay some green down. Then there's also the new Castlevania, but that just got a release date so it's still new to me.

Now, I turn it to all of you. What games have you guys and gals been putting your money towards?


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