Games Meet Metal: A Band Of Orc's Warchiefs of the Apocalypse: The Riff Review

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Band Of Orc's Warchiefs of the Apocalypse: The Riff Review

After interviewing lead singer Gogog, I was asked by A Band of Orc's PR guy if I wanted to take a stab at their debut ep. Sure, I said. Hell, I'm not gonna turn down free tunes any time soon! Well, the package containing said cd was something of a, well, surprise. Long story short, it was meat. Stringy, disgusting meat. It probably wasn't even of this earth. Taking the "wrapping" off, I encountered a glob of puss, that smelt faintly of carrots and vomit. In the center of this puss, lay the cd, thankfully factory wrapped. But in the cd case was a note. A bit of a warning. The writing was nearly unintelligible, but I could vaguely read out that if I didn't review the cd in time, I would be introduced to the wilds of several orc women. Not wanting to see or smell the netheregions of  a lady devil, I decided to type up my review post haste. The things you do to protect your naughty bits. 

If there's two persistent themes running through Warchiefs of the Apocalypse, it's war and evil. Considering the source material is written by beings born upon the plains of Gorgoroth, it's understandable why the themes are so prevalent. It also sounds like the Orcs were beamed straight into Florida, because this cd is just dripping with tons of Floridian death metal sounds. It also host the more technical aspects of bands like Suffocation and Exhorder. The guitar solos themselves sound like a tribute to Kerry King, as they play up the tri-tone bog time. What you won't find are any metalcore tendencies. This is old school tech death metal at it's finest, and it's done by non-humans!

While it may sound a little like ass kissing so I don't become eviscerated in the coming Orc vs. Human war, Warchiefs of the Apocalypse is a great little bit of contrast to the rhythym-heavy metal scene of today. It's ugly, it's guilty, and it'll probably rape your dog if you're not paying attention. What it'll also do is entertain you greatly. Go and pick up a copy. Ain't like they cost much.

PS: If you guys wanna send me a copy of your first full length, then go for it. Just find something besides the meat and puss to wrap it in. My cat and dog got into that stuff, and now they're possessed by something, and speak to me in tongues. You officially owe me a dual pet exorcism.

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