Games Meet Metal: 8-bit Metal Mondays-Getting Things In Order

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Monday, October 4, 2010

8-bit Metal Mondays-Getting Things In Order

Whoa, what a messed up week last week was! Hey, deja vu! The week before that was a mess as well! This week is looking a bit messy as well, but at least it has a bit more structure. In that the beginning is screwey, but the end pads out quite nicely. One thing that has truly helped is that my head cold has lifted! I swear, every time I get sick, my imagination and writing skills all go a big fat derp. Now that the fog has lifted, I'd like to start catching up on things here (finally!) and get centered into a good schedule for the first time in a long time.

Anywho, onto bleepiness! This week, we travel to England and listen to some Bring Me The Horizon. Just listened to their newest cd, and it's a real mosh crowd pleaser. A review should be up sometime this week. Until then, check out a bleepified version of Chelsea Smile.

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