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Monday, October 25, 2010

8-bit Metal Mondays: Late Edition

That damn Castlevania game! I was determined to finish the sucker today, but what I thought would be a quick olay turned into hours of boss battles and tricky puzzles. Not to mention the final fight, who I will say is called "Bob Smith" just so there's no spoilers. But when you do get to him, you'll shit bricks. In other words, blame an awesome game for today's late 8-bit.

Now, onto a bit of bummer news. GMM faves The Ocean were the target of fake cops in Spain. Long story short, the fake fuzz stole €6000 from the guys. For a support band, that's a fucking fortune, and boy are they hurting. They're continuing their tour with the Dillinger Escape Plan in Europe, but they are extending a hand to their European fans for some support. They're asking that anyone who pre-orders their newest cd, "Anthropocentric", to include a €5 donation on top of the cd price. In return, they'll send you a copy of the actual police report, as well as a lovey dovey thank-you letter signed by the band. Order the cd at this link:

In support of the band, we're going non-8-bit for this week, and just playing a great track from The Ocean. Here's Firmament.

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