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Monday, October 18, 2010

8-bit Metal Mondays: A Looooooong Week of Cleaning

The more astute of you may have noticed that the site went silent all of last week.  That would be because the homestead needed a major cleaning job. The house is gonna be re-assessed by an inspector next week for a new mortgage. In the long term, that could save me thousands in house payments, thus putting more money towards awesome stuff. So, yeah, it sucked not having anything up last week, but gaining thousands of dollars takes precedence this time around.

Okay, onto beeswax. I had previously mentioned finally nailing down a concrete schedule for columns. Well, I think I finally have it sorted out. Take a gander:

Monday: 8-bit Metal Mondays as usual. Plus, Monday is usually my day off, so I'll reserve this slot for concert reviews as well. None till November, unfortunately.

Tuesday: Official cd or dvd review day. This week is Slipknot's (sic)nesses.

Wednesday: Game Review Day! Once a week, every week. This week it's Dead Rising 2, the reason I STILL haven't finished Halo Reach! Damn zombies always up in my shit.

Thursday: Blast Beats and Boss Battles, GMM's interview column returns! This week, a lost interview with the Murderdoll's Wednesday 13 form this summer's Mayhemfest.

Friday: Riff's Rants, where I sound off about whatever pisses me off at that particular moment. This week, 3-D.

Of course, the other guys will post when they have some free time. Also,  if there's some interesting news bits, I'll sound off on it.

Now, let's pray to Gilbert Gottfried that this is able to stick for good.

Okay, onto some bleepiness! Black Label Society is coming through on a tour full of awesomeness next month, with Clutch and Children of Bodom in tow. Not too sure yet if I can even go, but there's no problem with me dreaming, right? In tht respect, here's Fire It Up off of BLS's Mafia record.

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