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Friday, October 22, 2010

Blast Beats and Boss Battles with The Murderdoll's Wednesday 13!!

(At long last! The lost interview with Wednesday 13! This was conducted at the Mayhem Fest while Wednesday was promoting the Murderdoll's new record, "Women and Children last." We were on a tight time limit, so this inter is gonna be a bit short. Shortly after the show, real life kicked in for me pretty hard, and the interview ended up languishing on my hard drive for a couple months. Well, not anymore! It's a bit dated, and a tad short due to lack of time, but it's still a keeper!)

GMM:  The Murderdolls reunion and new record all came about in a pretty short amount of time. Was that the original plan, or is a testament to how well you and Joey Jordison work together?

Wednesday: It did come together quick. We didn't even really know, ya know? 5-6 years now we've been talking about it. "Let's do it now." "Ah, we don't have time."  And then a year before the record the conversations got serious, and six months before the record they got real serious. Then it was like, "Okay, we're gonna do this now. What's your schedule?" "I'm free, you're free, let's see if we can record it in March." We had 30 days to make it in, but we had 6 years worth of songs to work with, 50 to 60 song ideas. Then we went into the studio with 30 finished songs, and we were like "Yeah, we love these songs!" Then we started to hack them down for the cd. But once we tracked the first few, we knew what were keepers for sure. And then we just started to let everything cater around them and create the sound. We had to do some cutting so the whole thing didn't sound like 10 different bands.

In the end, we didn't want to come out and do part two of  the first Murderdolls record. we wanted the people to guess, to have no idea what to expect from this record. It's heavy, then it's sleazy rock, then it's heavy again, then it's fun.

GMM: The songs on the new album seem to be more leaning towards an early Motley Crue vibe than the Misfits feel of the previous cd.  Why the more rock sound?

Wednesday: I think we always had that sound somewhere between the Misfits and Motley Crue. Not that we've ever sat down once in our history and tried to recreate anybody's sound. It's just an influence in what we do. It's been eight years, and there's a lot of different influences in the song this time around. If people listen to it and hear Motley Crue, that's great! Especially since we had Mick Mars play on the record.But we just wanted to do something that was fun for us and fun for the fans, and i can't think of another band out there that does what we're doing on our level the way we do it.

GMM: Where’s Acey Slade? I thought for sure he would be in a new Murderdolls line-up.

Wednesday: The thing was is that no one's been in touch. The only ones that had kept n touch were Joey and I. It was a thing where if we did the band again, it was going to be Joey and I as the main songwriters, When it came tie to putting the main line-up together, not to discount anyone from the old line-up, but we just needed fresh blood. We needed new guys under us with the same visions and the same goals. Honestly, that first band was just thrown together, and for what is was, it was fun. We didn't know each other. It was just five guys who git on a bus and learned how to be friends and our crew guys too, so it was like, "Have fun!" It was dysfunctional as fuck, but that's what made us work. Eight years later, we're all in different places, and I don't want to tour like that again. Like I said, it's not against everyone, but we had to do something new.

GMM: You’ll be fulfilling one of my boyhood dreams and get to go on the road with my childhood hero Alice Cooper.  Got any of those nervous goosebumps for the tour yet?

Wednesday: Yeah, man. I'm excited about the tour. I've been pretty fortunate to have done a lot of shows with him over the years and he's become a good friend of mine. I still get nervous around him near showtime but he's still one of the reasons I started doing what I do. Now we're going on tour with Cooper and Rob Zombie in the fall, and to me that is just the coolest concert bill ever for me, ya know?  I'm a huge White Zombie fan and a fan of Rob's solo stuff. And with Zombie/Cooper/Murderdolls, I can't think of anything better.

GMM: Our site’s called Games Meet Metal, so we’re always on the lookout for hidden gamers within the metal world. Maybe you or someone else in The murder dolls doing on too many late night sessions of Street Fighter?

Wednesday: Um, no!

GMM: Finally, the first one that says no!

Wednesday: I don't think anyone plays video games at all in the band. Too busy drinking.

GMM: The Budweiser form of gaming.

Wednesday: A double fist of jack and coke. Yeah, that's our form of video gaming! I finished first? I win!

GMM: Even though Murderdolls has been restarted, will we still see some more Wednesday 13 solo material in the future?

Wednesday: Who knows? The thing is, with redoing the band, and the conversations me and Joey have and the way everything is flowing right now, there's not going to be an eight-year gap in between records next time around. I'm sure by the time we're done touring for this record, and we're gonna be touring for a long time on this one. We're not gonna do six weeks and the be done.  We're gonna tor this record as long as we want, we're gonna play everywhere we played last time and everywhere we didn't. So we have this worldwide plan of attack on it. When it comes time to take a break, I'm sure Joey would want to do something different. I don't kn ow what I'm gonna do outside of this for now, but with a small break I can do my stuff again if I wanted to. As for the future right now, I don't know as I'm just focused on this record right now. I haven't even thought what we're gonna do after this record. We're just so stoked about it.

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