Games Meet Metal: Bring Me The Horizon's There Is A Hell I've Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let's Keep It A Secret: The Riff Review

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bring Me The Horizon's There Is A Hell I've Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let's Keep It A Secret: The Riff Review

Congrats are in advance order for Bring Me The Horizon, as I believe they have secured the longest title in cd's this year! Congrats, guys! Okay, let's quit with the jokes and get to business, shall we? I don't want to piss off their album cover person. Look's like he (or she?) is a little upset with the whole "keyhole in the chest" thing. 

So, Bring Me The Horizon are another one of those bands that gets a lot of flack from the metal community, but for the life of me I can't understand why. I've listened to bits of their last cd, "Suicide Season", and thought it was pretty damn good. The fast parts were ripe with aggression, and the slow parts had great melody. Plus, I've seen them live a couple times, and they bring it mega hard! So, what do the metalheads hate so much about them? Screamo tendencies? They're skinny? They're British, and we're still sore about the War of 1812? I don't know. maybe we're just elitist pricks.

BMTH's newest cd "There is a Hell...." takes a bit more of a  melodic turn than "Suicide Season", but fear not, for the heavy is still all over the place. In fact, the heavy and the melody seem to like flip flopping for a good chunk of the cd. First track, "Crucify Me", is your melodious opener, complete with clever auto-tuning of the album's title. Track two, "Anthem", brings the heavy with a breakdown at the end that'll get the kids in a mosh-happy frenzy. Track three, "It Never Ends" gives us our melody again. Track four, "Let's Fuck" goes heavy again, but goes near balladey near the end. That helps segue it nicely into track 5, "Don't Go" which is the cd's de facto ballad. The flip flop of styles helps keep things interesting for the whole cd so you're not hitting the skip button a whole lot here. You want to listen from beginning to end to hear all the variety.

There is one track that really sticks out for me, thus it gets it's own paragraph. Track 9, "Blacklist", is incredible. It's in the heavy area, but it's played slow. Deliberately slow. In fact, I'd say the guys in BMTH were listening to some Pantera, and this song came out. To me, it's the standout track on the whole cd. It deserves it's own video. It also needs to be put into the guy's setlist, STAT!! Trust me, that song's gonna be an anthem one of these days.

In the end, "There is a Hell.." is a positive step forward for BMTH. It shows maturity in the greater use of melody, and incorporating their heaviness along with it. About the only downside to it is that it's gonna turn too many jaded metahead's opinions. Real shame, because BMTH are a real good metal band, and "There is a Hell..." is a great metal album.

"There is a Hell...." made it's big debut yesterday, October 5th. If jt has the staying power that "Suicide Season" had, then this sucker's gonna be around for awhile. You can get your own copy at the official Epitaph store.

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