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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dead Rising 2-The Riff Review

By Nathan Werp, aka Riff, editor-in-chief

This review is brought to you by the Taco Bell XXL Chalupa! Just in case you needed that extra little bit of taco oil to bring you to your maker, then the XXL Chalupa can do just that, and cause your liver to fail as well! Oh hell, what am I saying? Damn thing shouldn't even be called food. I say re-classify it as an artery clogger and be done with it.

Anywho, Dead Rising 2. As I stated way back in my Case Zero review, I hated the original Dead Rising. The photo taking, the ridiculous outfits, the psychopaths with the silly amount of health. It just all got to be too much, and I gave up on the whole thing when I got half way through. I didn't care about the series anymore, until I gave Case Zero a try. Then hope was re-instilled in me. Then I got the full game.

That hope was fully realized.

As in the demo, our hero Chuck must find Zombrex for his daughter once a day, lest she turns daddy into a happy meal. The difference is that you get the run of a full city, Fortune City, in this case. But like the podunk hole of the demo, the place is a zombiefest. Main difference here is that Chuck is being blamed for the latest invasion, and he's in a hurry to prove his innocence. The "hurry" part is due to the military planning a rescue in three days time. Thankfully, Chuck is an inventive man.

Chuck's ability to combine weapons truly opens up in DR2. There's useful ones like the Defiler, which mixes a sledgehammer with a fire axe, to rain blood all around. Then there's the drill spear, the knife gloves, the electrified wheelchair, the jewel shooter, the "rocket" launcher, and hundreds more combinations.In fact, you'll have a ton f fun time by just abandoning the main story and go zombie trimming for hours on end with a jury-rigged flame thrower.

The survivors are also much easier to lead to safety this time around. In part one, it seemed like all the survivors were scared into stupidity. Now they'll follow you anywhere you go without question. Plus, they'll defend themselves with pretty good efficiency. In fact, it allows you to get your own little mob together. Get a bunch of survivors at once, and arm them with the weapons of your choice and SURPRISE! It's your own killing squad, ready to pound rotten meat just for you.

One downside to the game is that it gets easier as it goes along. The start of the game is positively a real challenge, but as you gain levels and learn more powerful web combos, things just begin to start coasting along. Even the psychopaths become very easy to dispatch, except for one flame-throwing kiddie mascot. However, that's a small gripe for one of the most bloody entertaining games of the year, period. Do yourself a favor and pick this sucker up ASAP!

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