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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

8-bit Metal Mondays... and yet it's Tuesday.

Yeah, yeah, a day late with the main weekly column, but I have a damn good excuse: I've been researching and price checking means for what will eventually be a NEW SITE DESIGN!!! While I like the simplicity and bare-bones-ness of the site as it stands, it's just not gonna grow into something bigger in it's current state. And growing is what I want! The time frame is gonna be a bit, as I would like to hire a graphics artist to help with the redesign and even do some some new stuff.

Anywho, bleepy metal! This one comes as a suggestion form a gamer gal who was really into the old school Castlevania games. Imparticular, the first one. The nearly impossible to beat one. And the tune is from level 5, the level that still gives me nightmares for it's sheer difficulty.

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