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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

8-bit Metal Mondays: Final Fantasy Frustration

So, today I decided to try and finish off the second half of Final Fantasy XIII. You know, the supposed GOOD half. About a couple of hours in, I run into a boss character. No big whoop, beaten plenty before. Well, this jackass has a one-hit kill move that he whips out at total random, and he always aims it at the party leader. In FFXIII, if the party leader dies, the game is kaput. This bastard just kept doing that shit to me, and he generally uses it right when he's about to lose. Really, what a jip. I'll beat him one of these days, but just....  Damn you, Square-Enix, just damn you.

To get in a better mood, I picked some bleepy metal cover that rips off the boss battle music from FF VII. Yhat game may be dates as all hell, but at least the music stands up good.

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