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Monday, November 29, 2010

8-bit Metal Mondays: I guess their bank accounts are finally empty.

So, after about four years (which is forever in metalhead years), System of a Down are getting back together. They released a press statement that sad that they were happy to be back together and still buddies and friends and drinking partners and tag-team partners and a bunch of other lovey dovey crap. I'd say that the boys are just looking to get some respect back, as well as make back a bunch of money on failed endeavors. Serj's solo career started off hot, but fizzled away quicker than alka-seltzer in water. Then there was Scars on Broadway, who were just absolutely horrible, and cancelled their tour just in time to let us not hear them. Make no mistake about it, these guys need SOAD back together, at least for a little bit, just to earn back some cred and Benjamins.

As for their future quality of work, I remain heavily skeptical. Hypnotize and Mesmerize weren't exactly artisitc triumphs, and the live shows that followed were a major letdown. Toxicity was their peak, both in album and live show quality, and I just don't think they can top it without putting a hella amount of work into it.

Ah yes, time for some bleepiness. How about a Zelda tribute that was mistakenly given credit to SOAD, but was really by some nobody? Listening to the song structure and vocals, it's pretty obvious how a mistake like this can be made.

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