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Monday, November 8, 2010

8-bit Metal Mondays: It's a Technical Issue

Most of the links supplied for the site go through an app call Twitterdeck. This helps plug stories on Twitter, Facebook, and a few other social sites. Except Myspace, because Myspace sucks. Well, last week, something broke in the system, and what posts we were making weren't flooding out onto the interwebs the way they're supposed to, so i had to do some HTML work. Since I'm no programmer, this took awhile. Oh, like, I just finished today when I started last week. As for now, consider this edition of 8-bit Metal Monday as a bit of a test primer to see if the links are up and working again.

Of course, we have to give some bleepy stuff to the links as well, ya? So, here's Powerglove's rendition on the theme from Zelda.

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