Games Meet Metal: The Legacy Tour-The Live Riff Review

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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Legacy Tour-The Live Riff Review

After a few good months of non-concert going, I finally got off my fat, lazy ass and trecked out to downtown Detroit, within the confines of the Majestic Theater to witness the Legacy Tour. An odd combination this time around: a band I've heard very little of, two I've never listened to, and one I've listened to for a long ass time. Still, it's great variety, and I'm all fired up to get my eardrums pounded.

First off, how about an official photo dump? Show opinions after the pictorial mayhem.

O hai! Enjoy the visual presentation? Well, the audio was just as incredible. Revocation, taking their cues from old school speed metal, thrashed up on the stage like t was 1988 all over again. The real highlight for them was lead guitarist/vocalist David Davidson, who can thrash on a guitar like no one's business.

Periphery are on the Sumerian label, and anyone who's on Sumerian is usually a technical powerhouse. Periphery showed their chops with odd-timed chord changes, infrequent drum changing, and a 3-man guitar lineup! f my eyes don't deceive me, I do believe that they use 8-or more string guitars through their whole set. As someone who's tried doing that myself, I can't tell you how much a bitch that is, let alone for 10+ songs.

Veil of Maya are also a Sumerian band, but they take a more traditional style with their aggression. More metalcore than super tech metal, Maya was still able to get the crown into a frenzy.

Since this is Darkest Hour's time to shine, they decided to put together a grand set list consisting of two songs off each album they've ever done. that's pre-So Sedated, all the way to their latest. About the only downturn of the night was my seeing Darkest Hour only a few months bsck on the DEP tour, so their newer stuff didn't seem as fresh as it was before, However, the inclusion of some really old songs gave the set a lot of life.

Yes, the Legacy Tour was awesome, as it contained the one thing I crave for: variety! If this show's hitting around your neighborhood soon, go see it NOW!!!

One quick little FYI: we'll have another interview posted next week with Darkest Hour's drummer Ryan arrish. Until then, stay evil!

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