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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

8-bit Metal Whatever Day of the Week It Is

If you live in the midwest, then I know exactly what you've been doing the past couple days: avoiding slipping all over the place. As for me, avoidance of hitting any black ice has also been combined with a busy work week, thank you tons of fucking snow. And that's why there hasn't been an 8-bit Metal Monday this week. Just work work work. Ever had the joy of two 16-hour days next to each other? I do, and "joy" is a stretch of the term.

My winter listening of Opeth has turned a bit more thrashier and thus I've been medicating with Chimaira. Chimaira just says something winterey to me. Maybe because the mythical chimaira had a goat's head. Maybe it's from the band being from Ohio. Or maybe it's because every time they film a dvd, they just gotta do it in the snow. Either way, I say Chimaira need to do Christmas tree ornaments. Their logo would look awesome on a mini-globe.

And now, time for the bleepy. Here's Ressurection from the Ohio boys.

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