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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blast Beats and Boss Battles with Darkest Hour's Ryan Parrish!

(BB and BB is back yet again, and this time we bug Darkest Hour drummer Ryan Parrish! Hear some news for their new album under the E1 label, nudity, and their new guitarist's nerdy side)

GMM: You guys are in the middle of your Legacy Tour. Have things been running smooth so far?

RP: Oh yeah, it's been good. We're all having a really good time here. All the bands are as cool as shit, so it's been a good time.

GMM:  For this tour, you're doing a greatest hits collection from your entire musical career.
Was it hard picking the final set list, or are you changing up night after night?

RP: It was tough getting the final set list together, but we're more or less playing songs we know people like as well as playing some we like but have never played live, so it's the culmination of the two.

GMM: So, perhaps a lot of earlier stuff?

RP:  Yep, we're pretty much doing two songs from every record.

GMM  Has the band had that big sigh of relief after signing their new record deal with E1?

RP: Yep, that big old sigh has happened. We feel great. We feel really good about it.

GMM: Yeah, I remember reading a lot of the stuff about your previous label and the difficulties you had. Has E! been treating you good so far?

RP: Hell, yeah, they're great. No complaints so far.

GMM  Speaking about stuff for new labels, how's the recording of the new cd coming along?

RP: It's almost finished. It is in the final phases, and it should be good to go real soon. We're really excited about it. It's like Darkest Hour revitalized. We're at a better place in our lives, and you'll be able to hear that in the music.

GMM: Has there been a release date finalized or a title yet?

RP: Honestly, I don't know if I'm allowed to tell any of that yet!

GMM: Oh, okay.

RP: Still don't know what's up with all of it yet, but it'll probably be some time early next year.

GMM:  The new cd will be the second for new guitarist Mike Carrigan. Now having toured and played with him extensively,
can you say that he was definitly the right choice?

RP: Yeah, Lone Star! Boy he's something else. Yeah, he a noodler. He loves to play tons of notes and he's a great addition as far as playing wise and personality. He fits really well with us.

GMM: Doesn't punch people in the back of the for no reason then?

RP: He's not a puncher, kicker, or biter. More or less, he's just a farter. He's just a weird overall guy, but he fits in well with us.

GMM  The Legacy Tour has a pretty awesome tech-metal line-up, with Veil of Maya, Periphery, and Revocation.
Was this a line-up you guys chose, or did it just come together like that?

RP: It just all came together magically.  That's probably the best way to put it. We had a little bit of input, but more or less it was same managers and dudes who knew dudes. We've known Periphery for awhile and Veil of Maya. They've been thrashing it out for awhile, so it seemed like the right thing to do.

GMM:  This tour has some video game sponsorship thanks to Guitar Hero. That kind of begs the question:
is there anyone in the band who's a big videot?

RP: Yeah, Lone Star Carrigan again! He would be the nerd. He loves video games.

GMM: Does he carry the DS or the PSP on him at all times?

RP: He's in the middle of some middle age thievery game, I don't even know what it's called.

(from the background): It's called Thief.

RP: There ya go. It's called Thief.

GMM: Damn, that's an old game.

RP: There ya go. He likes to go old and new. On the bus right now, there's a Madden tournament going on right now. As for me, I'm just pretty much betting, winning and/or losing money.

GMM:  I recently found out that you had a thing going for awhile that you would occasionally do a set totally in the buff.
Photo Credit "Glenn Cocoa" A. Burckart, III

Is that a practice that's still continuing?

RP: It's hard to say when that's gonna happen, you just never know. It just more or less overtakes me and  have to go do it. Then I blackout, and I wake up naked on the floor

GMM: Damn that Jack Daniels!

RP: Either that, or it's a full moon.

GMM:  I also found out that you have a side project called Years. Want to tell us a little about that?

RP: It's just me, by myself,  and strange, ambient, swirling sounds. It's melodic with noise. I don't know, perhaps soundtrack-ish.

GMM: Maybe similar to how Nine Inch Nails did their Ghost cd?

RP: Yeah, kind of like that. There's no vocals, and I played drums on maybe one track. It's just really minimal kind of stuff. It'll be on a double cd on Magic Bullet records called Semblance, so pick it up if you're into weird, crazy shit.

GMM:  What are your plans after finishig the new cd?

RP:  Tour, tour, and tour. We're gonna do an Aussie tour after this, then head to Europe, then headlining or supporting back in the states, with summer touring plans in the US as well.

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